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    home- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Home Stay

    Mt. Mahabharat Homestay is located at a height of 2100m in the lap of the Mahabharat…

    Spiritual Pilgrimage- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Spiritual Pilgrimage, Trek & Yogic Retreat

    This is the perfect time for you to take some time for yourself and get out of your daily routine…

    Trekking- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal


    In this short trek, you will meet locals and learn about their lifestyles, hike through stunning…

    Yoga- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Yoga & Meditation

    You will surely fall in love with the place while practicing some yoga and meditation in this…

    hiker- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Bethanchowk Mahabharat Hiking

    Here at Mount Mahabharat, we offer our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a…

    volunteer- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal


    Mt. Mahabharat offers a valuable experience to our guests, which is a great opportunity to…

    Best Destination for Tourists

    Top of Mount MahaBharat Range

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    Foreigners cutting vegetables- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
    $16 per night


    Homestay with food included

    • tick Incl. 3 times vegetarian meals
    • tick Mountain view
    • tick Organic farm
    • tick Culture Exchange program
    • tick Free Wi-Fi & hot shower
    • tick Bed
    • tick Yoga & meditation
    • tick Trekking
    Chairman Kamal Nepa with foreigners- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
    $10 per day

    Bethanchok hiking

    Hike to Betanchok or Mount Mahabharata

    • tick 180 great Himalayan view
    • tick New trail
    • tick Sunsets and sunrises
    • tick 360 great view
    • tick Cloud view & Adventure
    • tick Trekking
    Tourist with Nepali women at mount mahabharat- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
    $9 per night

    Voluntary work

    Voluntary work and homestay

    • tick Incl. 3 times vegetarian food
    • tick Mountain view
    • tick Organic farm
    • tick Free Wi-Fi & hot shower
    • tick Yoga & meditation
    • tick Trekking & Yogi Creative
    Attractive view of hills and mountains- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
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    Blake- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Thank you to the whole family here at Mt Mahabarhat. We stayed for about a week and a half, which after we felt completely refreshed. A very welcoming family.

    Blake, New Zealand

    This place is dope. Lots of love.:)

    Juszka, Poland
    Trent- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kamal and his family. They were all so welcoming and friendly. It was a really great chance to experience traditional Nepalese village life. 100% recommend staying here.

    Trent, Australia
    333686_1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    When we first arrived at the farm, we were a litte bit confused about all the “rules” and “forbidden” signs. But we recognized fast,that it’s not that strikt at all. Kamal and his family are very lovely. They helped us where ever they could and made us smile every day. Thank you so much !

    Marlene, Germany

    I stayed here from 12th of october to 26th of october. As a first experience in volunteering it has not let me down at all. Spent such a great time, Kamal’s family is awesome. They greeted me as a friend as their own family and made me feel at home since the very first day. Thanks for everything. I do recommend.

    Nicolas, Spain
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    Krlis IndiaKrlis India
    13:56 18 Nov 19
    Namaste!I recommend this place and its beautiful inhabitants with their eyes closed and their hearts fully open. They are a hardworking, affectionate and friendly family, with an easy smile on their face and always willing to help you and provide you with the best comfort they can give you. The food is wonderful, really delicious and everything you learn with them is priceless. It has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had and I want to share it with you. Do not hesitate to visit them and enjoy a stay you will never forget !! Hari om
    Jimmy ColeJimmy Cole
    04:02 25 Aug 17
    We stayed at Kamal's farm for one week and had a wonderful time. The setting was very relaxed, and we were given opportunities to help with things if we wanted or just to relax as well.Kamal and his family are very nice and welcoming and made us feel right at home. There was spiced tea several times a day, and the big, delicious meals of dal bhat with fresh produce and fresh buffalo milk always filled us up and made us feel great! The kids are a lot of fun, and everyone was very hospitable as well as enjoyable to talk to.The setting is amazing...Everywhere on and around the property has a beautiful view as far as the eye can see, all the way to the Himalayas on a clear day! Despite arriving during monsoon season, there were still many hours of clear sky for us to see where we were...up on the side of a mountain! The air is clean and fresh, as well as the water, and theres no problem with mosquitos or anything like that. The land and the people there are so full of life it's really an enjoyable experience being there.Accommodations are great: There are separate bedrooms for multiple volunteers, and the wifi and power is always on. Toilet paper is provided as well as a nice refreshing shower or lovely creek to bathe/swim in. We had a great time playing in the water and building a dam so the swimming hole could be deeper.Kamal took us for a one day hike up to the top of Mt. Mahabharat, and wow! The most amazing geography in this natural environment, and spectacular views! The peak has rain shelters, and if you climb just above them you can see the mountain drop away in three directions! This hike was not extremely difficult, and we took breaks to eat, and it was entirely worth the experience. We also learned about several different wild medicinal plants, insects, birds, trees and other interesting features on this hike.We had a wonderful time and a great experience at Kamal's in Nepal, and we hope to travel to this part of the world again to return there. Thanks again for everything!
    Trent LeeTrent Lee
    01:16 27 Apr 17
    Thoroughly enjoyed our time with Kamal and his family. They were all so welcoming and friendly. It was a really great chance to experience traditional Nepalese village life. 100% recommend staying here.
    Ly Hoa PradinesLy Hoa Pradines
    12:23 07 Nov 16
    This place is truly amazing, we spent only 5 nights here but could have stayed a lot longer if we had the time. Kamal and his family go out of their way to make sure your experience here is as comfortable as possible. Kamals wife Goma is a fantastic cook and it was so awesome to have such an authentic Nepali experience and see the traditional Nepali kitchen and cooking. The view from the front door is breathtaking as you stare down the giant himalaya mountain range and the view from atop Mt Mahabharat is even more incredible as you have a 180 degree view including Everest. All the food is organically grown on the farm and on your plate within hours of being picked! Kamal is dedicated to making sure everybodys time here is memorable and really looks after his guests, one night i had an asthma attack and he had me at the hospital in 5 minutes where i received treatment.Thanks again for making my time here so amazing, i look forward to seeing you all again one day.
    Co MiCo Mi
    09:55 02 Oct 16
    Simply amazing!I had unforgettable time in Dungkharkha village where I had chance to get insight to local life and a wonderful view of Himalayas.Everything here is just beautiful as the nature: warm people, nice tradition, good weather, Nepali organic food, etc.If you want to get off the beaten track, to get away from bustling city life, to have true experience into the wild, this homestay should highly be in your trip to N-E-P-A-L: Never End Peace And Love!

    What Other Visitors Experienced

    Andreas-Kaimakliotis- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    I really want to thank you Kamal and your wonderful family for allowing me to stay with you for two weeks and making me feel so welcome since the very beginning. Got to experience traditional nepali culture, work in nature, eat healthy organic food and take a breath from my everyday life. It truly was a return to nature experience. Until we meet again, take care dai.

    Andreas Kaimakliotis, Homestay,
    Thomas-Gallasso- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Fantastic place! Amazing! I came here for stay a couple of days and stayed at the end for 6 months! Excellent food, excellent rooms, excellent view. 5 stars for sure

    Thomous Gallaso, Homestay,
    Tatiana- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    Adorable family, a unique experience in Nepal – true organic life and culture in the Himalaia mountains. The food is amazing!!!

    Tatiana, Damaatto,
    Aurelia-and-Pauline-1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

    We are stay only 4 days but we had a nice stay with this cute family. The grandma and Gauma are really attentive to us and they cooked really good food. Kamal was really helpfull and answered to our trip question. It’s was a pleasure to stay with a Nepalese family in this beautiful setting. The 2 boys are really cute and funny we enjoy to play with them.

    Aurelia and Pauline,