Mount Mahabharat Farm & Homestay


After doing the Poon Hill Trekk in Ghorephani, Bea and I returned to volunteering with Worldpackers. We chose the Mount Mahabharat Homestay in Dhunkharka. This was our first eco-farm project.

मौसममा सुधार भएसंगै बेथानचाेकमा पर्यटकीय चहलपहल सुरू

काभ्रे : आजबाट मौसममा सुधार भएको छ । मौसममा सुधार भएकोसंगै काभ्रेको पर्यटकीय गन्तव्यकाे रूपमा परिचित बेथानचाेकमा पर्यटकीय चहलपहल सुरू भएको छ ।

पर्यटक लोभ्याउँदै बेथानचोक (तस्वीरसहित)

नारायनस्थानमा हिउँ खेल्न, सूर्योदय र सूर्यास्तको दृश्य हेर्न राजधानी काठमाडौंदेखि पर्यटक आउने गर्छन् ।

बेथानचोकको पर्यटकीयस्थल ‘गजराम थुम्का’

बनेपा, माघ २९ गते । बिहान घाम लाग्दै गर्दा होस् या गोधुली साँझमा मनै लोभ्याउने सुन्दर, शान्त र रमणीय बस्ती ढुङ्खर्कको ‘गजराम थुम्का’ पुग्ने जोकोही मन्त्रमुग्ध हुन्छन् ।

IN PICTURES: Kavre witnesses heavy snowfall

KAVREPALANCHOWK, Feb 9: Bethanchowk of Kavrepalanchowk district has witnessed heavy snowfall on Saturday morning.


Puja- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

A couple weeks ago was both Kamal’s birthday (he is the head of household at the homestay) and a Vedic holiday.

Mt. Mahabharat Homestay with Organic Farm

Chairman Kamal Nepal with radish- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

High in the mountains, you will totally forget noise and dust from the city. The view is breathtaking, and by night there are millions of stars shining.

Mt. Mahabharat Homestay with Organic Farm

Great view of mountains- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Thank you for amazing reviews about Mount Mahabharat, we happy to have such a good platform.

At Mount Mahabharat

Beautiful view of village- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

My first adoptive family lives in the mountain range called Mahabharat Range near Panauti, east of Kathmandu.

गजराम पर्वतको यात्रा

Hiking journey- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

महाभारत पर्वत श्रृङखलाहरू प्राय सबै प्राकृतिक दृश्य अवलोकन गर्नका लागि अति उपयुक्त पर्वत श्रृङखलामा पर्दा रहेछन्।


What Other Visitors Experienced

Andreas-Kaimakliotis- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

I really want to thank you Kamal and your wonderful family for allowing me to stay with you for two weeks and making me feel so welcome since the very beginning. Got to experience traditional nepali culture, work in nature, eat healthy organic food and take a breath from my everyday life. It truly was a return to nature experience. Until we meet again, take care dai.

Andreas Kaimakliotis, Homestay,
Thomas-Gallasso- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Fantastic place! Amazing! I came here for stay a couple of days and stayed at the end for 6 months! Excellent food, excellent rooms, excellent view. 5 stars for sure

Thomous Gallaso, Homestay,
Tatiana- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Adorable family, a unique experience in Nepal – true organic life and culture in the Himalaia mountains. The food is amazing!!!

Tatiana, Damaatto,
Aurelia-and-Pauline-1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

We are stay only 4 days but we had a nice stay with this cute family. The grandma and Gauma are really attentive to us and they cooked really good food. Kamal was really helpfull and answered to our trip question. It’s was a pleasure to stay with a Nepalese family in this beautiful setting. The 2 boys are really cute and funny we enjoy to play with them.

Aurelia and Pauline,