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Mt. Mahabharat Homestay


Beautiful hills covered with snow-Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Home Stays are the perfect option for you if you prefer an authentic travel experience here in Nepal. Mount Mahabharat is a homestay, retreat, and farm company located above a small, but stunningly beautiful village on the edge of the Mahabharat mountain range. We are situated at Bethanchok 03, Dhunkharka, Kavre, Nepal, Panauti Village and is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company Profile.

We grow vegetables and also have more than 200 different herbs in this area. We invite our guests to research the herbs while staying with us. However, we also have a small cattle farm, beehives, and a buffalo herd so that we can provide fresh and pure foods to our guests. Our guests are not just simply guests; they are our family members.

Prior to COVID-19, we were in the best tourism peak in Nepal for homestays. The period of the pandemic was fraught with tremendous suffering for the entire world, and we were no exception. We are currently operating on autopilot mood afer the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, it is a joy for us to greet our guests.

You will surely fall in love with the place and its surroundings. The green, foresty environments with numerous types of flowers look everywhere you move your eyes. If you love silence and are a nature lover, you will love to be here. Best place to practice meditation, cool off in a nearby mountain stream. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy hiking on clear days to see a 180-degree view of the breathtaking Himalayas.

Volunteers and guests are charged differently. For example, for volunteers who work (5 days a week, 3–4 hours a day), weather permitting, we charge USD 9 per person. On the other hand, for guests who don’t volunteer, we charge $16 per day. Also, if you stay seven days, we don’t charge for one day, so if you stay Monday through Sunday, your next day is free and meditation and guided yoga are donation-based. Our company profile will help you to know more about us.

Company Profile


Authentic Nepali Culture

One of the major benefits of residing in a homestay is that our accommodation allows guests to experience authentic Nepali culture.

Your Safety and Security

We provide our guests with a safe and secure environment. Mount Mahabharat is located in a quiet and safe area, making it a great place to escape the noise and chaos of the city

Much Affordable Price

The cost of staying at a homestay is relatively cheaper compared to hotels and resorts, making it a perfect place to cover your head for budget travelers.

Tailored Attention and Care

One of the best reasons to stay in a homestay is that we pay detailed attention to your personal needs and take care of you as a family member.

Beautiful Scenario- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Our Mission

Staying true to the proverb “Return to Nature” in every sense, we strive to make it a reality through the meaningful development of a nature-friendly network, cultivating nature-friendly individuals and societies, and efficient management of an ecosystem-based tourism sector.

Our Vision

The vision of Mount Mahabharat is to connect with people from around the world, and make them family for life. Our guests can experience authentic Nepali culture and can also take part in some of the cultural events like dance, etc. Letting our guests experience the serenity and beauty of Nepal and exchange cultures is our major vision.

Sunshine in beautiful hill- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Objectives of the company

  • To gain the new experiences with new people.
  • To provide different services like yoga, Homestay, retreat, Hiking, etc.
  • To make some refreshing environment for the visitors.
  • It is the growing and trending retreat center, eco-organic farm and homestay in Nepal. The important objectives of the company is to gain more profit and to promote the business.

What Other Visitors Experienced

Andreas-Kaimakliotis- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

I really want to thank you Kamal and your wonderful family for allowing me to stay with you for two weeks and making me feel so welcome since the very beginning. Got to experience traditional nepali culture, work in nature, eat healthy organic food and take a breath from my everyday life. It truly was a return to nature experience. Until we meet again, take care dai.

Andreas Kaimakliotis, Homestay,
Thomas-Gallasso- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Fantastic place! Amazing! I came here for stay a couple of days and stayed at the end for 6 months! Excellent food, excellent rooms, excellent view. 5 stars for sure

Thomous Gallaso, Homestay,
Tatiana- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Adorable family, a unique experience in Nepal – true organic life and culture in the Himalaia mountains. The food is amazing!!!

Tatiana, Damaatto,
Aurelia-and-Pauline-1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

We are stay only 4 days but we had a nice stay with this cute family. The grandma and Gauma are really attentive to us and they cooked really good food. Kamal was really helpfull and answered to our trip question. It’s was a pleasure to stay with a Nepalese family in this beautiful setting. The 2 boys are really cute and funny we enjoy to play with them.

Aurelia and Pauline,