Future Plan

Tourism generates the most foreign cash and employs many in many fields. Nepal is known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and adventure tourism. Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, draws people to Nepal. Tourism is crucial to Nepal’s GDP. Tourism accounts for 7.9% of Nepal’s GDP and employs over one million people, according to the Nepal Tourism Board. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Everest depend on tourism.

Nepal’s rich cultural heritage depends on tourism. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan Durbar Squares are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These landmarks showcase Nepal’s ancient culture and draw thousands of tourists annually. Nepal’s government has worked hard to protect and market these cultural sites.

Nepal’s tourism industry needs sustainable tourism to grow. Sustainable tourism considers environmental, social, and economic impacts. Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural heritage will be preserved while fostering economic growth and local employment through sustainable tourism.

Nepal’s tourism business struggles with infrastructure, political instability, and marketing. To attract tourists, Nepal must invest more in roads, airports, and hotels. The government must also advertise Nepal as a safe and secure tourist destination. Nepal’s development depends on tourism. It boosts GDP and employs many in diverse fields. Nepal’s rich cultural history, international understanding and exchange, and adventure tourism depend on tourism.

Little about our future plan

We are Mount Mahabhart Homestay, a Yogic Retreat, Spiritual Pilgrimage and Trekking Opportunity and we are located at Bethanchok-3, Dhunkharka, Kavre in the Nepali province of Kavre. We encourage people to visit Nepal and one of our goals is to help the industry reach even greater heights. Not only do we participate in the homestay service, but we also wholeheartedly encourage the expansion of tourism around our nation.

Our premises are going to be expanded to accommodate a wider range of activities. We hope to one day be able to turn our 58 ropani of land into a site that is entirely natural and organic, where we may build organic farm houses and yoga destinations.

The fact that our guests will be able to enjoy the 100% natural yoga and Yogic Retreat, in addition to the breathtaking view of Mount Everest, will add even more beauty to our location. Our guests will get the opportunity to walk through an organic farm that is also entirely organic. They will have a good time, and that will encourage our visitor to come back here again in the future.

We are working on plans to have this done in the near future, and we hope that it will be finished shortly.


What Other Visitors Experienced

Andreas-Kaimakliotis- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

I really want to thank you Kamal and your wonderful family for allowing me to stay with you for two weeks and making me feel so welcome since the very beginning. Got to experience traditional nepali culture, work in nature, eat healthy organic food and take a breath from my everyday life. It truly was a return to nature experience. Until we meet again, take care dai.

Andreas Kaimakliotis, Homestay,
Thomas-Gallasso- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Fantastic place! Amazing! I came here for stay a couple of days and stayed at the end for 6 months! Excellent food, excellent rooms, excellent view. 5 stars for sure

Thomous Gallaso, Homestay,
Tatiana- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Adorable family, a unique experience in Nepal – true organic life and culture in the Himalaia mountains. The food is amazing!!!

Tatiana, Damaatto,
Aurelia-and-Pauline-1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

We are stay only 4 days but we had a nice stay with this cute family. The grandma and Gauma are really attentive to us and they cooked really good food. Kamal was really helpfull and answered to our trip question. It’s was a pleasure to stay with a Nepalese family in this beautiful setting. The 2 boys are really cute and funny we enjoy to play with them.

Aurelia and Pauline,