Spiritual Pilgrimage, Trek & Yogic Retreat at Mount Mahabhart Homestay

Chairman Kamal Nepal doing Spiritual Pilgrimage- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
Foreigners doing Spiritual Pilgrimage and yoga- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal
yoga at jungle at Mount Mahabharat Homestay Nepal- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Spiritual Pilgrimage, Trek & Yogic Retreat

This is the perfect time for you to take some time for yourself and get out of your daily routine for yogic retreat. Reconnect with your true self and rediscover the inner beauty of mountains, landscapes, forests, and wildlife. It’s a perfect time for self-healing in the lap of snow-capped mountains.

The walk, accompanied by a variety of lovely plants and flowers, will captivate you. You will have an unaffected relationship with nature.

You also can practice daily in Nepal’s Himalayan region we are in a three-hour journey from Kathmandu. OM Mantra Chanting, Jala Neti Cleansing, Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation by Yoga Class.

Yoga Retreat

Mt. Mahabharat offers yoga asana, the Ashtanga Pranayamas (silent single-point focus and guided meditation) and sound healing therapy.  We offer yogic retreat & meditation. Our instructors are many years of experience in health and wellness. Our yoga instructor came to the Mt. Mahabharat yoga retreat to share, teach, and present his knowledge to people.

Yoga retreats have several advantages for anyone looking to improve their yoga practice, unwind and refresh their bodies and minds, and travel to new places. Yoga retreats are created to offer a concentrated and all-encompassing experience that enables you to improve your yoga practice.

Re-establish a connection with the natural world which gives a chance to get back in touch with nature, enjoy some fresh air and reap the advantages of being outside.

Attending a yoga retreat may be a life-changing experience that can improve your yoga practice, feed your body and mind. And foster a sense of community and connection.

You will have the most comfortable yoga experience in a serene setting from the natural surroundings and mouth-watering organic vegetarian food prepared to a high standard. We are situated at an elevation of 2100 meters, in the folds of Mount Mahabharat. We have breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. You will also discover the 200+ ayurvedic medicinal herbs on our farm and learn how to use them in your life.


What Other Visitors Experienced

Andreas-Kaimakliotis- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

I really want to thank you Kamal and your wonderful family for allowing me to stay with you for two weeks and making me feel so welcome since the very beginning. Got to experience traditional nepali culture, work in nature, eat healthy organic food and take a breath from my everyday life. It truly was a return to nature experience. Until we meet again, take care dai.

Andreas Kaimakliotis, Homestay,
Thomas-Gallasso- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Fantastic place! Amazing! I came here for stay a couple of days and stayed at the end for 6 months! Excellent food, excellent rooms, excellent view. 5 stars for sure

Thomous Gallaso, Homestay,
Tatiana- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

Adorable family, a unique experience in Nepal – true organic life and culture in the Himalaia mountains. The food is amazing!!!

Tatiana, Damaatto,
Aurelia-and-Pauline-1- Bethanchok -3 Dhunkharka Kavre Nepal

We are stay only 4 days but we had a nice stay with this cute family. The grandma and Gauma are really attentive to us and they cooked really good food. Kamal was really helpfull and answered to our trip question. It’s was a pleasure to stay with a Nepalese family in this beautiful setting. The 2 boys are really cute and funny we enjoy to play with them.

Aurelia and Pauline,